Last post for 2012 :)

By 9:35 PM

The things that i am thankful for in 2012:

The various overseas trips that i've been on.. Especially my first overseas trip with friends to Korea *big self achievement* hehe!
Successfully graduated.. but convocation is in 2013 :)
New friendships forged, old friendships strengthened..
Loved ones showering me with lots of love & patience..
Successfully landing myself in a job..
Completion of four 10km runs *personal achievement*..
Last but not least,
The start of this blog!

Thank you for all the hits thus far and thank u for reading my blog although it's kinda boring.. Haha.. *ps: B thanks for being my loyal reader hehe!*
My readers are the driving force for me to blog, no matter how many there are :)

2012 has been a great year! Please let 2013 be even more fantastic! :D

Simply hoping that 2013 will be a year where everything goes on smoothly and my loved ones will all stay safe & healthy!


Christmas with B Love, Bestie & Zaihui

By 12:56 AM
Hello! I'm back! Sorry! Initially promised a post during the Christmas public holidays but was too busy!! Finally completed the to-do items for the day and tried my best to clear some work.. *Sleepy* haha.. Decided to rush out this blogpost before lazy me decides to snooze again :p

Anyway, this blogpost would be about our Christmas double date with Bestie & Zai :)
Boo~ Check out those black roots..argh.. Time to head to the salon soon :p

Our day started off at St Games Cafe :) 1 hour of Wii and 1 hour of Kinect that left all of us sweating like mad.. hahaha.. 
This pic was before our Kinect session, still not sweating yet haha..

Sorry for the hiatus!

By 4:47 PM
Will be taking a short break this week without any new posts on my blog :( I promise to make up for it next week during the short Christmas holidays!

Please bear with me for the lack of posts becos my workload got increasingly high and i feel stress creeping in!!! what a terrifying number every time i refresh my inbox *shudders*

Wish me luck in clearing my inbox! Lazy sunday again lying in bed~ lots of other things to do on the agenda today! Wrapping of Christmas presents for gift exchange! :D More pics soon!! 

PS: I love the new scent mummy bough for me "Love, Chloe" and the pretty lipstick from YSL :D

Be back for more next week!!

Happy afternoon at Chewy's house :)

By 12:29 AM
It's been harder and harder to blog consistently because of work. After reaching home everyday, all  I feel like doing is to sleep :x So, instead of 2 posts a week, I can only manage with a weekly post instead :( 

Hopefully I will still have readers :/ Lots of pictures piling up but I can't help but feel so sleepy everyday :(

*spent the whole sunday sleeping and lazing in bed :p*

Anyway, here's the pictures from the happy afternoon spent at Chewy's place with Edelyn & Chewy! :)

We met up near 112 Katong to head to Hey, Cupcakes for the cutie sesame street cupcakes that I saw on instagram! 

Here's the address! :)

428 Joo Chiat Road 
Singapore 427645

Tel: 63450113

Tadaa!! So cute right? :D

Maritime Museum with Agnes & BB

By 11:35 PM
*dusts off dusts accumulated on my blog for the past few days*

Here's my post on our trip to the Maritime Museum as promised :D 

Arrived at Waterfront stop from Sentosa Express and headed to the left hand side of USS :)

Gloomy & rainy day! Thk goodness we were heading indoors :)

World Kindness Day :D

By 8:00 AM
Just a backdated post of Rilakkuma and the yellow daisy with some quotes :)

 My newly acquired Rilakkuma and the free stalk of yellow gerbera daisy from World Kindness Day :)

My First Treat with my First Paycheque

By 10:00 PM
Apologies for the delay in posts for the past week! :p Have been feeling really tired for the past few days and all I do would be to crash in bed haha.. It's finally the weekends again and I took a really nice afternoon nap just now! :D *recharged*

Nearly had a blog crisis just now becos i hit the limit of the photos storage in my Picasa web albums and they didn't allow me to upload any photo *sobs* BUT! All's well now! :) I just have to keep all my images below 2800 pixels from now onwards.. 

Here's the post on my first treat with my first official paycheque! *feels pinch in my wallet*

Made reservations for 6 ppl for the a la carte buffet at Ban Heng Pavilion :)

Here are the details for the restaurant:

Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant
#04-01 Harbourfront Centre
Tel: 6278 0288

Saw the adverts for this restaurant on newspapers and decided to give it a shot :)
We choose Menu B which was the slightly more expensive menu has it has fresh seafood included, but only 1 serving each haha.. The rest on the menu was free flow which means we could order as many times as possible!

Halloween Horror Night 2012

By 12:31 AM
Here's a belated post on Halloween Horror Night 2012! :D

Decided to do something different this year and celebrate Halloween for the first time! :D
Lumix camera brought along for this trip to USS!

Headgears checked!
Tickets checked! 
We are ready to go in! 
Brought my kitty headband along but i was greedy and bought the blinking horns at USS too :p

With B <3

Summer Holidays in Scandinavia Day3-4

By 12:19 AM
Thousand apologies for posting up this post later than expected. Have been drained out at work, despite it being the "honeymoon period". I'm so tired *Need some energy booster*!

Anyway, here's the post as promised! Lots of photos ahead!

Day 3-4 of Scandinavia Summer Holidays! :)

Aalborg -> Stavanger

I love buffet breakfast spreads during all the overseas trips! :D
YUM! another great start to the day with yummy breakkie!

From Paris with love~

By 8:00 AM
From Paris with love! <3

Can't believe little bro actually managed to buy this back during his school trip to Germany/Europe. *jealous*

But he managed to shut my mouth up with Ladurée Macarons! *hehe*
No Duffy bear from Paris Disneyland but Ladurée Macarons are good enough too! :D

 Pretty packaging and pretty pastel looking macarons! 
Ps: no idea if i spelt it wrongly! Macarons or macaroons? Can someone enlighten me? :p

 The brown ones which are salted caramel are the most yummy IMO! :D *yums* 

It's different from those from TWG, it's not too sweet and very light! Best macarons i have tasted so far!! 

Trying out the vanilla flavour! Also yummy! hehe!

Just a very short post! Longer post with pictures of Scandinavia trip coming up! Stay tuned! :D

Loklok dinner with ABCE

By 8:00 AM
Sorry for the late updates!! Wanted to post this up since Thursday but i was so busy and lazy.. I will try my best to update more often! Slowly settling into working life and sleeping in late on weekends are such a luxury! :) Weekends and holidays are my favourite days now~

After reading blogger Yina's blogpost on Lok Lok in Singapore, Chewy, Chua, Bb & I decided to check it out too! :D

First two pictures of this entry are not mine, they are from :) 

Took those pictures becos i forgot to take a picture of the menu & signboard hehe..  :p
 Picture credits to: yinagoh

The rest of the pictures are from Nikky! :D

And guess what i found there? :)
Angry bird fishcakes!!!

So cute right? hehe!!
It's essential to camwhore with the cute fishcakes! :p

Dinner date with Gynette! :)

By 9:00 AM
We finally met up again! Met Gynette at Nex for a dinner treat! And she passed me lots of goodies she bought for me as well!! My belated birthday presents! Love all of it!! :)

My best friend since pri. school! :D 
11 years and counting~
Really glad we kept in contact all these while!!

 And the hot stone salmon rice which the both of us thought of immediately after she suggested MOF for dinner! Great minds think alike! hehehe..

Followed by a cup of matcha latte with cute latte art for me & iced tea for her!

Summer holidays in Scandinavia Day 2-3

By 5:30 PM
Sorry for the long delay for the next update on my summer holidays in Scandinavia :p
Too many pictures to sieve out and post haha.. 
This post will be pictures from Day 2-3 of the trip! :D

Many colourful visuals ahead! <3

Daily buffet breakfast are major love!! 
So many yummy looking bread to choose from! :D

Chock Full Of Beans with B :)

By 8:00 AM
A date with B on a weekday afternoon last week! :D And we went to:

Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090

Hehe.. forgot to take a picture from the outside so gotta make do with this mirror image :p

A simple cafe with pretty decor and nice food! Love the illustrations on this blackboard! :D
And i have to agree that the coffee was yummy! Extra brownie points for the cute latte art! hehe!! 

We went there during lunch time on a weekday and luckily we got seats within a short while! :)
Ordered two set lunch and a cup of hazelnut latte with requested latte art hehe~

 Sipping B's sparkling peach drink! :D

Wimbly Lu with Chewy :D

By 12:00 PM

Yup! I'm back again with another cafe visit which has been on my "To Go" list for quite a while~
All thanks to chewy who had time to head there with me! :D

15-2 Jalan Riang 

It was a 10-15 mins walk from Serangoon Mrt Station where we stopped over at the ValueDollar shop for yummy boxes of Kraft Ritz Handy Snacks before heading to Wimbly Lu!! Love the cheese spread to the max! YUM!!! Will head to get more soon! Thks for the recommendation chewy!! Thks to Audrey too! :D

And finally we reached Wimbly Lu!! Missed the chance to take pic of the vintage car parked in front of the cafe :( oh well..

Met Gynette & her bf with their friends at Wimbly Lu too!! Such a coincidence!! Was suppose to meet her the next day but saw her there the day before! LOL! So fated hahaha..

Check out the cute chili plate/saucer they have! 

Old school playground with B Love :)

By 2:12 PM
And so we head to Mount Emily Park after having a filling lunch @ Clarke Quay & doing my nails at Far East at the usual manicure shop :p

A quiet little park hidden behind the Dhoby Ghaut area :) Had to walk quite a bit before we reached this place!

Old school playground!! :)

Carpenter & Cook with Bestie

By 1:00 AM
Finally met up with my dearest Bestie!! :D
Guess where we went to?

Carpenter & Cook @ 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06 

Really wanted to head there ever since i spotted the cafe when we went to Nook the other time! :) It's just located a few doors apart!

A vintage home store & bakery cafe :)
Love the cafe's decor! So cozy~

The sweet treats at the counter! So tempted to try all! :p 

Random Gumballs & Toast

By 1:03 AM
This is just a very random post of gumballs & toast~

Introducing... *Le Nom Toast*
Cute? :)

$15 Set Lunch Deal @ Clarke Quay :D

By 1:16 AM
On our way to Clarke Quay for the $15 weekday lunch deal! :D

This was on the eve of my birthday & it was part of my birthday treat! Hehe! :)


By 12:25 AM
Introducing the newest additions to my precious moments figurine collection! :D

CHLOE from the disney princess series~

Sleepover @ V Hotel :)

By 3:34 PM
Sorry for the long hiatus! My old laptop crashed and all the photos that i've edited before hand were gone! :( Thank goodness i still have my raw copies in my external hard disk! Anyway, i'm back to my blogging lifestyle now! :p 

Here's a series of photos from our most recent impromptu sleepover @V Hotel :D
Sleepover with Xuan, Anna, Huimin & Tiffany!

Most efficient upload ever becos we didn't take alot of pictures and editing with my new bimbo macky is AWESOME! I am an official Mac Lover! Hee! 1st post blogging from Macky! <3


Check out our queen size bed and a single bed! :D Joined both together to make space for all of us!

Xuan & I checked in first! :D 
Lucky Nikky was the official camera for the short staycation~