Tatty Marsh

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the break in posts again! Have been busy editing the photos and finally i finished the post on my first blogger party with Germaine to Tatty Marsh! :D

Thank you Haren & Tatty Marsh for the invitation!

*Caution: lots of pics ahead!*
 I can't wait to show you all the pretty items in Tatty Marsh!

Presenting to you one of the most "home-ly" shop I've ever been into~

Tatty Marsh
A host of the best British gift and interior companies now in Singapore

 Even the shop's window display was so pretty!

Redang Cruise Trip Part 1! :)

By 10:00 AM
Here's the first part of our 2012 Redang Trip! I know that it is very backdated by nonetheless I still love the photos! Hehe :p

So.. here's Part 1 of the Redang cruise trip photos! :) I know i posted Part 2 already :p Sorry for jumping the sequence.. Anyway.. I miss the trip with B and my favourite couple.. Shall we go on a short getaway soon? *Pretty please!!!*

Without further ado, presenting to you:


Drips Bakery Cafe & Forty Hands Coffee

By 8:37 PM
Sorry everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts recently. Have been trying to clear my work but it's never ending!!! Arghh.. everyday it just increases and increases..  Finally able to post this! My mouth hurts like mad now.. :( Just had my wisdom teeth operation yesterday and it was scary :( esp for the bottom right tooth.. I hate the drilling!! And i look like a bun now.. swollen right cheek :*(

Kk enough of ranting from me~ Here's our really backdated post on Tiong Bahru Cafe Hopping! :)

Preview of next post :p

By 12:01 AM
Upcoming post on our cafe hopping trip at the Tiong Bahru area :) 
Work in progress :p

Do check back again soon! :D