I Love Laneige!! [Review]

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This is my very first beauty blogpost so do pardon me if i am very naggy or if i miss out any details kk! Please provide me with comments & feedback on how to improve my post! Thank you!! :D

*Warning: lots of without make up dull looking vain pok pictures ahead!*

Argh.. First blogpost showing my without make up dull looking face without any editing :( 
Please don't leave my blog becos of this kk! Pls continue reading! *Pretty pls!!*
 These are the usual worries and thoughts that never fail to run through my mind almost everyday or every weekend! It's so frustrating! Esp when I want to look good for a date with B! It's not everyday that he can spare time to go out with me! *Pumpsfists!* 

Must look good!! *Fighting!* but what should i use??? :(

That's the end of my long weekend! :(

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Apologies for the lack of posts! I'm currently preparing for a beauty blogpost, hopefully to be up on my blog by Tuesday! :)

Do look out for it!! Thanks for all the support thus far to everyone who reads my blog! XXOO!!

More travel posts, cafe visits etc etc coming right up! :D
In the meantime, introducing this pretty pocky that I bought from NTUC! Heart shaped pocky hehe~ 
*my weakness for heart shaped items* lol!
 With my pretty cupcake nail art and mint nail colours! 
*sigh..if only i can get a nail sponsor or if i am good at doing nail art for myself, then i can have pretty nails everyday!* daydreams~ lol! 

Top 10 Food not to be missed when you head to Seoul! :D

By 9:00 AM
Hello everyone! Here's the post as promised on my trip to Seoul! :D #missingseoulsobadly

Besides the shopping, shopping & more shopping, I really miss the food too!! So here's my personal recommendations on the Top 10 Food not to be missed! :D

OMGOMG... really miss this a lot! First dinner for our trip! It's at a random restaurant near to Shinchon Hostel.. YUMS! Tteokbokki sauce with sausages, instant noodles and more!!! Piping hot and with a tinge of spiciness! SHIOK!!

Second instalment of our Graduation Photoshoot! :)

By 5:34 PM
It's a lazy Sunday! Slept the afternoon away~ but... I didn't forget to blog! :p Here's the final part to our outdoor graduation photoshoot! 

We wore our suspenders, tee and shorts underneath our graduation gowns! Such a relief to remove the heavy gowns haha..! Our photoshoot theme was : We are the Geeks! :p

Brought our geeky specs, decked in our Geek tees with props such as globes & books! :)

Moustache from my own collection of photo props~

Jimjilbang in Seoul! :D

By 9:30 AM
Today I will be blogging about one of the best activity to experience when you are in Seoul! I have decided to split up my Seoul Travelogue June'12  into different activities.. Too many things to talk about! Time flies~ It has been nearly one year since my grad trip to Seoul! I want to head back there again and go for a massive shopping spree!!!! :D

Ok.. enough of shopping! Here's a look into what a Jimjilbang looks like through the lens of my old iPhone! Finally dug out the pictures hahaha.. *Pls pardon the picture quality!*

Our Graduation Photoshoot! :)

By 1:16 PM
Hello! I'm back! I must apologise again for the late post! :x It's all attributed to the 200 over work items in my inbox :( but i must hang in there!! *Fighting!*

Anyway, I've finally received my photos from Lumiere Photography! :D Indeed, Lumiere Photography has produced another set of photos I really love! So tempted to go for another photo shoot again! :) 

This photo shoot was at Fort Canning park with my dearest study buddies Weiting & Xuan to mark the end of our studying journey as of now ;D
Happy Graduation!! 

Presenting my individual shot aka the "as chubby as my bear" picture! :p

Stressed out!!!

By 11:48 PM

So sorry! Didn't manage to upload a travel post as promised becos I'm very busy these few days and work has been getting rather overwhelming!! There's only two words to describe how I am feeling now.. STRESSED OUT!!

Happy Labour Day! :D

By 1:00 AM

Happy Mid Week, Happy Labour Day, Happy May Day and Happy Public Holiday! :D

Today is a happy and chillax day!!
 Not forgetting it's also May's birthday! Happy Birthday May!!! May all your wishes come true! :D
 *Hope you see this if you happen to read my blog :p*

This must be the most efficient blogpost ever! Blogging about the brunch date I had with B this afternoon at Hatched's Holland Village's outlet~ 

267 Holland Avenue
Tel: 64630012
We reached Hatched at around 1pm or so. The restaurant was really crowded.. >.< Luckily we got a seat in around 15-20mins :) And the uncle waiter was very nice, accommodating my various requests.. Didn't like the attitude of the younger waitress though.. She acknowledged that I needed a table for 2 yet didn't put my name down or anything and left me standing at the entrance like an idiot. Argh. Luckily the uncle came along and took down our names. Sorry for the angst.. a hungry girl is an angry girl haha.. :x