Laneige Beauty Blogger Challenge - My dream make up workshop!

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Hi everyone!!! :D
I’m so excited to share with you all that I have learnt from Laneige make up workshop on a fruitful Saturday! I was so happy and excited on Friday after I received the phone call from Nuffnang that I’m one of the 10 selected bloggers! *hyperventilates*
 I literally laughed out loud while I was having lunch with my colleagues. This is my first attempt in writing a beauty blog post and I’m so happy that it has gained some recognition, furthermore from my favourite skincare & makeup brand! This recognition has provided me with a huge motivation to continue writing on beauty blog posts! If you know me personally, you will realise that I’m a really huge fan of Laneige! Really thankful!

Please read on and vote for me!!! :D
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Thank you in advance hehe!!

Without further ado, let me show you pictures of my dream make up workshop! When we first arrived, we were greeted by the friendly staff from Amore Pacific Corporation / Laneige.

First up, we had our welcome pictures taken with the Laneige background! We were treated like VIPs with a designated photographer to take the photos for you! The photographer was really nice and friendly too! But.. This was how my first picture turned out to be.. *yikes* Awkward to the max..! I guess I’m not really used to taking photos with a professional photographer.. but luckily the photos for the final look turned out better! :p as the saying goes: ‘Practice makes perfect!’

Top 3 Cheap thrills in Seoul! Of Neoprints, Supermarket & Noraebang!

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Hello i'm back!!! :D
OmgOmgOmg!! *hyperventilates* I got chosen as one of the top 10 bloggers for Laneige's beauty blogger challenge! :D 
*so thankful*
It's like a dream come true! I can't believe it! Hahha.. okok enough of excitement. Please pardon me for being so 'sua gu'! I'm still in the midst of preparing my blogpost so do wait for details on the dream laneige makeover event that I've attended! The girls i met there are all sooo pretty with really good complexion! And the staff were v friendly and helpful too! :D Thank you so much for all the help during the workshop! And not forgetting my starstruck experience meeting two of my favourite bloggers: Qiuqiu and Velda! 
*fangirl alert! I took pics with them! Hehhee.. First up close experience with my favourite bloggers! Never had such a chance before!*
*Sneak peek of the upcoming post at the end of this post*
Back to the main topic for today! I'm going to show you what are the top 3 cheap thrills to try out in Seoul! :D

Number 1
You may think that neoprints are very old school since everyone uses their handphones and the neoprint apps to add the cutesy fonts etc etc, but think again!!!

Check this out!! There are hanboks and cute accessories to wear for free to take your neoprints with! <3 <3 <3

Awesome right?? And at no extra charges!!! It's only 7000won (less than S$10 *divide it between 4 ppl, it's less than $2.50 each!* Value for money!) for a neoprint shot and you get to wear the costume and accessories for free! It's a must go/must try when you are in Seoul! This neoprint machine store is located in Insadong 인사동 on the second level near the cheerful Ssamzie-gil complex (쌈지길).

So glad we managed to stumble upon this cheap thrill when we wandered around the area!

What I have been up to for the past few days...

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So sorry for the lack of posts for the past week! >.< Have been really busy and here's what I have been up to! :)

1. Revamping my blog
(Special thanks to B Love!)
 Do you notice that my blog looks neater now? :) I hope it is easier to navigate with the categorisation of my blogposts into:

Travelogue, Food, Beauty, Lifestyle, Events

And my contact info is also available via the menu at the top!  :D 
I'm currently still in the midst of transferring the links of the past posts to the respective categories. Only done with 'Travelogue' & 'Beauty' as well as 'Contact'! :)

Let me show you my Travelogue tab!

 Do click on it to take a look! :D