Beat stress with Plantronics BackBeatGo2! [Review]

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Beat Stress with Plantronics' newly launched #SGBackBeatGo2! :D
What do you usually do during your leisure time? :) Do you head for a jog after a long and hectic day of work? I do!!! :p I'm sure most of you go for a jogging session/ take part in some sports activities at least once a week :) Personally, I feel that jogging provides me with some personal me-time and having plugged in music is essential when I'm jogging alone~ Today I'm going to introduce to you Plantronics BackBeat Go2 wireless earbuds that will serve as your perfect jogging companion! <3 
Say Bye to your old earpiece which makes you feel restricted as you have wires looping around you while you jog! :x Your phone no longer needs to be "physically" connected to your earpiece to enjoy jogging with music on the go! :) Combating stress is more effective when you no longer hear the irritating sound of the earpiece banging against your body when running. It can get really frustrating to deal with easily tangled wires~

5 Things to do at Gyeongbokgung Palace! :D

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Hello! :D I'm back with another part of my Korea Travelogue! :)

Here's another MUST GO attraction when you visit Seoul~ It is none other than the Gyeongbokgung Palace!

Presenting to you the five main things you gotta do when you are at the Gyeongbokgung Palace :)

Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2013 x Thai Express

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And so.. this year B & I decided to head for the Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2013! :D It was super near to my office haha.. Unfortunately.. we were rather disappointed by the whole event :( *sobs* 

Simple weekends spent with B :)

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Hi everyone! :) So sorry for the delay in posts :x I promise 2 blogposts this weekend to make up for it! One will be on my Korea Travelogue and the other post..i am still thinking hehe..

In the meantime, I shall tempt you with yummy cranberry scones at B's school! They are my favourite! Tastes really good when it is piping hot and u spread strawberry jam over it! :D :D :D

Biggest and best scones in my food dictionary thus far :p

Space & Light Studios: 5 things that constitue a happy yoga session!

By 1:11 AM
Hello everyone! :) 

Sorry for the delay again! :x Too much office work to clear is giving me a severe case of Monday, Tuesday & Mid week blues~ Anyway, I have finally compiled my very first Yoga experience and will be sharing with you! 
I have a great deal to share!! :D How does 4 free yoga lessons sound to you? Hehe!! More details at the end of this post!

So.. what are the five things that constitute my happy first Yoga lesson? 

We arrived at Space & Light Studios after taking the comfy shuttle bus from Ion Orchard :) They have shuttle services from both Redhill Mrt & Ion Orchard! It's quite convenient right! You can shop around Orchard before heading for your Yoga session and head for high tea in Orchard with your yoga mates after lesson! Click on the link to find out how to get to Space & Light Studios!

*Look out for the bus which has the "Verita" Logo :)*

So.. you must be thinking.. why yoga? :) The end of 2013 is drawing close and I'm sure many of you have put weight loss, toner and fitter body as one of your 2013 New Year's resolutions. If you are not near your goal or still working hard towards it, do try out Yoga! :D I personally felt the effects it has on my round tummy and problematic areas! I do hope I can continue to do yoga to relax my tense muscles and build on my core muscles.