Christmas 2013 visuals

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ITOH Collagen Powder [Review]

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Hello everyone! I'm back! PS: Do keep a look out for the upcoming blogposts as I will be doing my first blog giveaway soon~! :)
Back to today's post~
Do you know... that sugar gives you wrinkles as it breaks down collagen?? 

"In a nutshell, sugar hastens the
degradation of elastin and collagen, both key
skin proteins. In other words, it actively
ages you" :(

as quoted from:
This is really bad news for me, especially when I love sweet treats so so much!! :( *Sobs*
You know how girls love to eat sweet treats so often right? I am definitely one of them! Check out my food posts and you will understand. :x 

So what can you do if you can't seem to give up on your dessert and sweet treats? I guess the only way would be to replenish and increase your daily collagen intake! :D 
Here's a beauty supplement to my rescue! Thanks to the samplestore and ITOH Collagen Powder, I can have my sweet treats and slow down the process of ageing too! 
*But of course, I will also need to reduce my intake of sweet treats (for the sake of beauty) :p*

I was so happy when I received this box of collagen powder! :D Something to boost my collagen level since I'm hitting my quarter life crisis soon! >.< 

Ma Chérie & Majolica Majorca Winter Launch

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Hello everyone! :) Sorry for the hiatus, was away for quite a while as I went on a holiday and was down with food poisoning, my iPhoto crashed, as well as the overwhelming workload after I was back! So sorry to all! I will be updating this space more regularly to make up for it! I promise! :D Please don't abandon me okay?

Anyway, I'm back to show you the pretty Ma Cherie and Majolica Majorca Winter Launch which i've attended! :D Thank you for the invite!
I love the fairylights! :D