Goodskin Labs Pore-365 All Over Pore Reducing Serum [Review]

By 5:14 PM
Have you had times when you envy those celebrities and models who has flawless and matt  complexion? Do try out this new Pore Reducing Serum from Goodskin Labs! 
Pretty satisfied with how my skin feels after applying this product before I layer on my makeup :) Gives your face a really smooth finishing after application. Works like a primer but even better as it helps to reduce your pores in the long run ;)

The Beauty of Denim

By 12:05 AM
Hi guys! What would be your wardrobe essential during your upcoming vacation? :D
For me, a well structured denim top would be great! Definitely a fuss free piece like the one which I wore during my recent Korea trip. No need to crack your head over how to match your outfit. ;)

Denim is timeless. 

I'm back! Sorry for the hiatus!!

By 7:54 PM
Hi everyone! :D I'm back!! So sorry for the two weeks hiatus! I was away on my long awaited trip to Korea- Seoul, Busan, Gangwon-do! Do give me some time to clear my backlog and I promise to be back with my latest Korea 2014 itinerary! :D More pretty places to share with everyone, yummy food (we've tried different food for every meal during our 15 Days 14 Nights trip) and not to forget a post on my shopping hauls, especially on the skincare & make up hauls! :p

Please don't abandon this space, I will be right back! ;) For now, let me catch up on my much needed sleep before getting back to work! Check back on my blog kk? :D