Bioessence Tanaka White Whitening Serum & Day Cream [Review]

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Hihi! :D I'm back again with another beauty product review! Yay! :D Today, we will be featuring the Bioessence Tanaka White Whitening Serum & Day Cream! 
If you are wondering what is Tanaka all about...?

Tanaka (also known as Thanakha) has a rich history in Myanmar. It is a traditional whitening secret 
adored by females in Myanmar for more than 2000 years. Tanaka means both "cosmetic for beautifying the face" and "cleansing agent". It is recognized as a great aid to help withstand the heat of the sun and is thus an ideal cosmetic for those who have to work under direct sunlight. Women who work outdoor apply thick layers of Tanaka as a sunscreen to prevent sun-burn while its natural cooling properties help them tolerate the intense heat during the day.

The Escape Hunt

By 9:00 AM
Hihi! Here's another interesting venue to consider for the upcoming long weekends or any group gatherings that you might have! :D

Introducing... The Escape Hunt!
It is a global live escape game with 20 over branches all over the world! Wow!:D
There are 6 rooms at Escape Hunt Singapore and it's split up into 3 different adventures.  Each has an exciting and different theme! The adventure itself involves escaping from a room where a mystery has taken place.  Solve the mystery and escape.  Sounds simple right? :)

So what differentiates The Escape Hunt from other Escape rooms in Singapore? 
The Escape Hunt game rooms are designed by a UK mensa member and game play follows a strong & logical story line instead of random puzzles.

At The Escape Hunt, you also get to become Sherlock Holmes for the day!  Cool right? :D You get to dress up in the costume and take a picture at the end of the game! Love this part hehe! Check out my team mates and me with all our photo props hahaha!
Ready for some mind boggling puzzles? :D Let's go! Hehe!

W39 Bakery & Bistro

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"Life is so much easier when you chill out with your girlfriends!"

Hihi! :D Here to clear my backlog of photos from June :p Here's my review on the much hyped W.39 Bakery & Bistro!
Firstly, as we stay in the East, the journey to the west to look for W.39 Bistro was quite long :x Nevertheless, it's pretty accessible as there's a straight bus from Clementi bus interchange :)

Here's their FB link if you are interested to check out this cafe too! 

Chloesays :D

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Hi guys! Hehe i'm on a blog roll!! If you were wondering why I went missing for quite a while for the past few weeks, here's why! :D

Featuring my new Youtube Channel called "Chloesays" where I will be reviewing products, cafes, introducing food recipes, makeup tutorials and also doing up my travelogues! I've created this youtube channel to go alongside my blog~ So look out for more frequent updates on both my blog and my youtube channel from now on! ;)

Phantom Joker Escape

By 10:45 PM
Hi guys! I'm back with a review of a real Escape game outlet that I've recently tried out! :) If you are running out of ideas for group activities, do try out an escape game room! Check out the sneak peeks below :D
The Phantom Joker Escape is designed with story lines that links up to a whole story and has a variety of high-tech machineries! :)

Here are the various exciting missions available~
There are 5 Missions available! :D You Can Start With Any Episode!

Phantom Joker Escape's game series is designed in such a way that each individual game has its own independency and integrity. You can start with any episode and you will enjoy it! ^_^

OOTDs for the Cafe Hopper

By 9:55 PM
Hi guys! Is cafe hopping your cup of tea? :D I miss cafe hopping! There's so many cafes popping up everywhere in Singapore! I can't wait to check some out during the upcoming long weekends hehe! So.. when you are heading to the indie, hipster or dreamy cafes, what will you be wearing for your cafe date? 

Here's two outfit recommendations that I've put together :)
For the dreamy cafes that you will be visiting~
Simply pair a sleeveless denim top that has intricate crotchet details with a tutu skirt for a girly day out! :)

Shopping tips to be more dollar savvy! :D

By 4:07 PM
It's out!! :D My first interview with Channel NewsAsia for their Money Mind Dollar Savvy Webseries :)
Here are some snapshots of the webseries! :D

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask [Review]

By 2:04 PM
Hi guys! Are you guilty of staring at the computer, TV and mobile phone screens for long hours? We daily overwork our eyes, making it fatigued and tired. Try out MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask to give your precious eyes the tender loving care it needs! :) Here’s my review on the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask that I’ve tried out recently!
You might be wondering what is this all about? It is actually a disposable eye mask that warms up immediately to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius upon opening of the pouch. It treats your eyes to a steam bath, soothing them to a comfortable and relaxed state. (state of nirvana in my definition lol!) 
I love how the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask provides a relaxing and comfortable feeling upon putting it on. It’s a perfect treat for your eyes after a long day at work/ school. I was just amazed at how it really has the steam effect immediately after you have opened the packaging.