Alternative Film Awards by TK TrichoKare

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Hi there! :D Presenting to you the Alternative Film Awards by TK TrichoKare. Have you heard about TrichoKare? :)

TrichoKare is the first ISO 9001 certified trichological centre in Singapore that features customized European herbal hair remedies validated by a certified trichologist with products formulated by a professional herbalist.

I guess many of us have different concerns for our hair, let's take a look at what are some of the major hair concerns:

Guide to Nami Island (남이섬), Petite France (쁘띠프랑스) & Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원)

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Hi dears! I'm back again! ^_^
In this post, I will be providing you with details on how to get to Nami Island (남이섬), Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원) & Petite France (쁘띠프랑스) . It is all linked via the shuttle bus in Gapyeong. Very convenient and you can cover at least 2 of these 3 locations within a day. You will be able to cover all 3 if you plan your timing strategically based on the shuttle bus timings ;)

Here's the map of Gapyeong and the yellow arrows are pointing to the 3 places of interests which we are going to cover in this guide:

The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원) in Spring 2014 ^_^

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My other favourite attraction in Gapyeong has got to be The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원) ^_^ It's a must visit place during your Korea trip especially if you love flowers and nature! It's simply a pleasant surprise when we reached there with absolutely no expectations at all as we did not do much research on this attraction :p

Spring in Nami Island (남이섬) 2014

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Hi dears! I'm back again! 
In this post, I will be showing you what we did at Nami Island! :D It's my second visit back to Nami Island and this time it's during Spring (April- May 2014)! Love it! Will definitely visit Nami Island again during Winter & Autumn to complete the list haha!

As per my previous visit to Nami Island, this round I also choose to Zip-wire to Nami Island! Wheee!!! Way faster & more thrilling!