New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink

By 9:00 AM
Guess what I am holding onto?^^
It's the New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink that has been newly launched in the market!:)

Are you facing a skincare regime plateau like me? If yes, you might want to consider giving this collagen drink a try! It might just be the key to a breakthrough improvement for your current skin condition.

So how does it help your skin?
Helps to refine and firms skin, 
Reduce the aging effects caused by free radicals, 
Brightens your skin tone,
As well as boosting your skin's hydration level.

Guide to Taipei & Taichung : Tips to plan for your Taiwan Free & Easy Trip [Part 1]

By 11:00 PM
Hi there! :D
Today I will be sharing on my Taiwan  (Taipei + Taichung) itinerary and some tips to aid you in planning for your free and easy trip! I will be sharing about where I've bought my air tickets, accommodation options, where to rent your Pocket Wifi device in Singapore for unlimited data usage overseas, Taiwan driver recommendations and also the places to go to for shopping, eating and photo-taking!^^