Renaza Girl Journey

By 8:04 PM
First and foremost, let me share with you the happiest news of the year! As some of you might have known, it’s my honour to be one of the Renaza Girls for this year! :D Sooo happy hehe! I must have used up this year’s quota of lucky stars lol!

It's a year of sponsored services from head to toe by Renaza!  Now, that’s one year of rejuvenating facials, body maintenance, really pretty and sparkly nails and hair!


Unveiling the new White Sands Shopping Mall

By 8:00 PM
 Hello Easties!
I'm sure most of you are aware that White Sands underwent a major overhaul, but do you know that there are new restaurants and shops which have already opened and are currently operating now?^^ 

For me, White Sands has been one of the places I frequented during my secondary school days as well as the dating place with B, so it holds a significant spot in our hearts ;) I was so happy when I heard that there are shops which have newly opened in White Sands. Yay to more shopping, food options and chillax venue!

Check out my YouTube channel "Chloesays" for my vlog as I bring you through what is available in White Sands now!