Guide to Cebu - Oslob (Summer Vacation under $900)

By 8:56 PM
Are you thinking of the next holiday destination? How about a summer vacation (all in) for under $900?^^ 
Here's my summer vacation guide to Cebu where I will share more on the things to do in Oslob, things to buy in Oslob as well as some places you must visit! Without further ado, let me spam you with images of my 4D3N holiday with Agnes~

Unboxing of the Honey Butter Chips Package!!

By 7:21 PM
Sorry for the long hiatus! Had a bit of a mental block especially when it comes to penning my thoughts down. I started to do up more YouTube videos in the meantime and I guess it helped to get my blogging mood back!^^ 

Sorry for the lack of content for quite a while!! Huge apologies for the pending backlogs which I am currently catching up on! I have got my blogging engine started so check back for my blog roll~! Hehe!!

Starting off with a new YouTube video - Unboxing of the Honey Butter Chips Package!!!
Have you heard about the Honey Butter Chips craze in Korea? Check out this video as I share with you where I found these popular chips! :D

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It will mean alot to me!! Thanks for all your support thus far! Love you guys!! <3

Escape Game Room Singapore- Trapped SG

By 7:50 PM
Today, I will be sharing more on the Escape Game Room by Trapped SG! Thanks to the kind invitation extended by Trapped SG, we got to try out their latest game room - The Hunger Games! 

Read on to get sneak peeks to this newest game room & my 3 Tips to Escape from the escape game room ^^