Dreamlash Eyelash Extension [Review]

By 12:50 PM
Hi dears! Did you know that I am currently part of the GetKlarity Ambassadors team? So excited! Here's my very first editorial review with them ^^

Have you tried eyelash extensions before? :D
Today I will be sharing with you my first eyelash extensions experience with Dreamlash- A high-end Korean Eyelash Extension studio that focuses on creating the perfect lash design for every client using only the single-strand lash technique developed in Korea.

Being a first timer at getting eyelash extensions, I have to admit that I was rather nervous and apprehensive when I laid down and closed my eyes waiting for some magic to happen to beautify my eyes. Hahaha. Numerous questions popped up in my head. Will the extensions hurt my eyes? Will the extensions be stuck on with hot glue? Will the process be painful?
And the answer is....